Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos


Presenting some of  the Club's finest Chevelles and El Caminos 
and the stories behind them, as told by their proud owners! 

Lance & Maria "A 40 Year Labor of Love"

John & Olga's '67 Chevelle

Cindy's Dual Quad 427 El Camino

Jay Ball's 1965 El Camino

Bob Bridge's 70 El Camino "Sleeper"

Roger Maune's 1972 El Camino SS454

Sonny DiMeo's 68 SS in Matador Red

Chris Medlin's 69SS

Joanie's Red 70 Malibu, The Credit Card Car

Chuck & Patty Bonasera's 65 Malibu SS

Dennis & Amanda Timmons 67 Malibu

Sergio Velasquez's 69 SS396

Victor Pierson, The Family Man

American Muscle Cars in Ireland, Liam Kenny's Chevelle SS

Greg Leonard's red 66 "Sleigh"

Danny Nicolosi's 1969 El Camino

Ron Vinsant's  69 Malibu 4 door

Pat Franco's 64 Road Racer

Chip Carter's 70 SS El Camino

Randy and Angela Ochs Marina Blue 67 SS Convertible

Brian Creech's black & beautiful 1971 Super Sport

Keith Ketchum's 66 El Camino Sleeper.  

Darlynn Joans' 65 Malibu

Ken and JoAnne's amazing 66 Super Sport 

Smitty's Totally original 67 Super Sport

Scott Davis' Big Decision ('64 El Camino)

Ken Wible's 1964 Malibu SS Convertible

Rick Sanchez's 1970 SS454 El Camino

Joanne Nastasi's 1970 Chevelle Super Sport

Steve and Alec at Infineon

Willie Allen's Really Cool 1969 SS

Earl Bernal's '69 El Camino

Denny & Lynn Russell's 1972 Elky

Phil Ray's 1970 SS Convertible

Jason and Michelle Yaeger's 1970 SS El Camino

Ron & Diane's 1968 Super Sport El Camino

Mike Crusco's 1969 Super Sport

Jay Ball's 1965 SS 396 Chevelle

Bob Bertuccelli - A Very Red 1970 SS 396 Chevelle

Dennis Kelley's 1970 SS 396 Chevelle

Bob Dyson's 1971 El Camino "A Project Masterpiece"

Steve Asregadoo's '72 SS, "The Red Sled"

Better by the Pair, George and Bev Mosqueda's '70 SS396

Christine Miller's 1965 Chevelle Malibu 454 CI Rat

Chuck and Patty Bonasera's 1967 SS427

Rich Arlie's '65 Wagon, "The Custom Cruiser"

Bob Johnson's '65 SS, "Convertable"

We're all interested in knowing more about each other's cars and experiences.  If you're a member and willing to share your story, we'd love to hear it.  See the Contact Info page and let us know you're interested.  We'll even help with the pictures if you need us to!