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Bob's 1964 SS Chevelle

NOR-CAL Club Member Bob Johnson has been a Chevelle lover since the car was first advertized in late summer 1963. He had to have the car. Have you ever had that feeling?

His first test drive was in a 1964 SS at the Chevrolet dealership in Fremont.

Bob was very anxious to get his new car, but he was unable to do so until his Navy duty was completed in 1966. And so he went back to the Chevrolet dealership and bought a 1966 Malibu as it was being driven off the transport truck. I really think he volunteered to drive the car off the truck too.

Two years later he traded the '66 for a dealer demo '67 with a 327 CI, 275 HP engine.

FAST FORWARD to 1986 - Bob was working on a residential electrical job in Santa Clara when he saw a 1964 convertible sitting in the back yard with two flat tires. He fixed the two flat tires and drove the car home.

He then started working on the restoration of the car including: a rebuilt 327 CI engine with 350 HP, a new 700R4 transmission, and a 12 bolt with posi-traction.

He also had power disk brakes installed, 7/8" sway bar, KYB shocks, and 2 1/4" dual exhaust and Dynomax super turbos. Bob's 1964 SS convertible is a driver and it is very quick.

We are pleased to feature this earliest of Chevelles. Check out the Chevelle's beginnings here.

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