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Chip Carter's Super Sport El Camino

One thing that is unmistakable is the front end of a 1970 Chevelle or El Camino.  No wonder it is the most popular of all the El Caminos.  Club Member, Chip Carter knew a great car when he saw one and decided to snatch this one up.  He tore it apart with help from his friend Greg Conrad who had previously restored a 65 Olds 442.  

Chip said "We did not take the body off the frame because I was too busy working and I was too lazy", but the car was in great shape so he cleaned up the rest and created a beauty that turns heads everywhere he goes.   "I still want to install bucket seats in it" Chip told us.  "The 70 Chevelle I had when I was young had bucket seats and I loved them.  Some day I hope to have another Chevelle like I had back then.  I take the El Camino to every car show around here and on every cruise I can.

Chip purchased the car at a GoodGuys show about 4 years ago.  He bought it from the daughter of an older man who had rebuilt it about 10 years before and garaged it.  He had rebuilt the heads to run on unleaded gas, painted it, and in general brought the SS up to par.   

Chip pulled the engine and tore it apart to make sure the previous guy rebuilt it as he said.  He spent a year restoring the car and put the engine back just the way it came off the line, Cowl Induction hood and all.  Chip says "I built it in my cabinet shop and have been enjoying ever since".  

The Mare Island Ship Yard is the perfect back drop for this manly El Camino.  The dry docks and cranes are still there and just a good as new, just like Chips Super Sport.  It's a true, numbers matching SS396 with a rare four speed transmission.  

Chip and his friends did the entire restoration replacing everything except the rear coil springs.  Chip told us "I really liked the ride height and didn't want to change the stance". 

The local paint shop that paints the Vallejo police cars painted the El Camino.  "It is police car black and white" Chip boasted.  "It is a numbers matching car and I brag to people that even the clock works".

You can see Chip and his prize SS almost everywhere.  In fact it's hard to miss him.  Nice job, Chip!