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Generally speaking, women don't like rats. Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos club member Christine Miller, however, is cut from a different cloth. She has a rat for a pet ..... and it's a mighty big one. Most people aren't used to seeing a woman going down the street with a rat so you can be sure that all heads turn every time she goes by. After all, even if you like rats, when is the last time you saw a lavender one?
OK, enough jokes. This is serious stuff. Christine's Chevelle sports a 454 Rat motor with 10:1 compression, a Pete Jackson gear drive, MSD ignition, B&M built Turbo 400 tranny, a 373 ratio 12 bolt Positraction rear end, Flow Masters and big tires to hold it all to the ground. The car was first purchased in Nevada. "It was in some guy's garage for years" said Christine. "My brother and I came across it and bought it."  But the story is always the same. It needed tons of work, but a fine job of it they did to be sure! Christine said "we didn't know where to start so we just started at one end and kept working until we came to the other end".
After the interior was redone she began driving it but she had neglected to check the brakes.  Oops. She nearly totaled the car one day when the brakes went out suddenly. She had the bakes redone and is now working on power brakes. "I've redone and added a lot of items on the motor and I'm still trying to update the rest" she said. "It's a long process if your pockets aren't full of money". She's now looking for an El Camino for her next project car. "Thanks to Nor-Cal Chevelle Caminos I think this will be an easier restoration since I'll have a lot of people to give me suggestions and help".

We'll be ready when you are, Christine!