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JAY BALL'S 1965 Z-16


In 1965 the Chevrolet Motor Division of GM entered into the "big block" muscle car world with the introduction of the Chevelle Malibu SS396.

Club member Jay Ball owns the Z-16 version of the SS396 Chevelle. There were only 200 of these cars manufactured in 1965.

Because there are so few of these cars on California roads, or for that matter any road, this one-of-a-kind license plate was a requirement for this unique car.

How can you tell that a 1965 SS396 Chevelle Malibu is the Z-16 version? 

With this picture, you're are looking at the answer. 

All Z-16 cars had the 4-Speed on the floor. Also, check out the speedo, it is the 160 MPH version and no other Chevelle has it.

It's no surprise that this beauty of Jay's draws lots of attention at every event.