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Imagine my surprise when I spotted Bob Johnson's Chevelle at the Good Guys Summer Nationals in Pleasanton in June of 2006.  Some of you may not have known Bob.  He passed away a while back. Bob was one of the first Chevelle Club members.  He was Club Historian and came to most of the club functions with his wife, Diane, or his Granddaughter.  This was a guy who knew and loved Chevelles.  His first test drive as a kid was the 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS at the Chevy dealer in Fremont, the city where many of the Chevelles were built. Bob's first car was a 66 Chevelle Malibu.  His second car was a 67 Chevelle.  Like I said, this was a man who loved Chevelles.  Fast forward to 1986.  Bob was working on a residential electrical job in Santa Clara when he saw a 1964 convertible sitting in the back yard with two flat tires. He purchased the car, fixed the two flat tires and drove the car home.  After a great deal of restoration, Bob and the '64 were seen everywhere.

After his passing members were often heard asking "what ever happened to Bob Johnson's car?  I sure hope it went to a good home.  He really loved that car".


Well the mystery has now been solved and we couldn't be happier.  I spotted the car at the Good Guys show...but the new owner was nowhere to be found.  We came back twice looking for the answer to the question that was on everyone's lips, 'What  happened to Bob's car.'  On the third try we met Ken Wible, the new owner of the classic 64 Chevelle Malibu Super Sport and Johnson family friend.  Bob's wife, Diane,  knew how much Bob had loved the Chevelle and was quite torn with the looming decision, what to do with Bob's Chevelle?  After much assurance Ken acquired the car and made a promise to finish the restoration that Bob had started; to take the Super Sport back to the way it was in the beginning.  Ken has already started, with the stock air cleaner and restoring the 327 to the original look.


Ken told me that he recently joined Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos and I am sure there will be no lack of help as the memory of Bob Johnson and his Chevelle lives on.  Now  Ken gets the thrill of seeing the car get updated as he adds his own personal touches as well.


Welcome to the club, Ken!  We can't wait to see you at club events as your efforts continue to make this fine Chevelle your very own!  I guarantee that you've purchased much more than a Chevelle Convertible.


We will be sure to do a follow up Featured Car page when the restoration is completed.