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Randy and Angela Ochs 1967 SS Convertible

OK, So I'm at the Chevelle Club detailing session at Ron Shanholtz's shop in south San Jose and I'm looking for a volunteer for the Featured Car page on the Chevelle Club web site.  I had just done the 3rd generation cars and before that I did a couple first generation Chevelles and El Caminos.  I was really looking for a 66 or 67 El Camino or Malibu to create a new page.

I must admit to being a huge fan of the 67 Chevelles and El Caminos, especially since I own one, so I am not totally (or even partially) unbiased.  So I drag out the old camera and BAM!  looks what shows up. 

I was scrambling to get the shot as Randy Ochs and his sons, Adam and Connor, drove by.  There it was, the car of my dreams.  It was even Marina Blue.  I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. I must be dreaming, I thought, but suddenly I realized it wasn't a dream..... and I wasn't driving it.

Well, I wandered over to Randy and introduced myself and announced that I had just found the next Chevelle Club Featured Car.  After a brief conversation I found out that Randy lives in Pleasanton, Ca., only two short miles from my home.  I immediately made plans to steal the car.

It seems that Randy had been looking for a 67 Chevelle SS Convertible for many years. he'd attended many of the local GoodGuys shows and even went to Hot August Nights looking for a car, but never found that “right” car, at least not for a reasonable price.

About 2 years ago Randy's wife, Angela, found a 67 Chevelle SS Convertible on the internet. It was being sold at a small used car lot in Burbank Ca., near Los Angeles.  Two brothers had owned the car since 1970, when the older brother bought it as his first high school car. It was purchased by the brothers from Roller Chevrolet in Monterey for $1,598.

After a closer inspection, above and below the car, the negotiations began. Let's just say Randy made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  No horses were hurt during the negotiation!!  Here are the car specifics:  Marina Blue on Blue with a white top, 396 Turbo Jet engine with 350 HP, Muncie 4-speed, 4:11 Posi with original 15” rally wheels & tires and to top it off, it was built right here in Fremont, CA.  

Randy told me "OPG has become my new best friend as I replaced trim, carpet and other minor interior items along the way. Here's what I’ve done:  Rebuilt the motor & transmission, replaced the stock drum brakes with Baer disk brakes on all 4 corners, replaced the original 4.11 gears with 3.43s which makes highway driving a little easier, I added 18” American Racing wheels and 245 series tires all around, added a  new 4 core radiator to keep the big block cooler, replaced the exhaust system with a new 2 1/2” Flowmaster system which give the 396 a mean growl and finally I added Hotchkis springs, KYB shocks and anti sway bars for better handling and comfort."

"This is truly a family project with my wife, Angela and our twin boys, Adam & Connor, helping with minor trim & seal replacements and tune-ups Randy told me".

 "The next project on my list is to have a new AM/FM stereo system with an IPOD hookup installed so we can listen to some old 60’s/70’s tunes as we motor down the highway. Although I love the coupes, there’s nothing better than cruising around town with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face!!" Randy proudly boasted.

That's fine Randy.  Better keep your garage locked because I will be watching.