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We are happy to feature Ron and Diane's 1968 SS El Camino. Ron says that Diane saw the car "For Sale" on the street near San Jose and so Ron visited the owner.

Ron saw that the car was an SS with a 4 speed. He tried to hold back his excitement, but ended up buying the car on the spot! The 396 CI engine needed a little work and Ron, being an engine and gear type of guy, decided to replace it.

He talked to his local automotive machine shop, Victory Automotive in San Jose, and Vic just happened to have an extra 454 CI engine that would "fit just fine."

Well, the 454 was installed and the car's performance was changed from a "fast car" to a "rocket" and as the vehicle license says, this is one: "JAMIN68" El Camino.

When Ron isn't driving his SS El Camino, you can find him cruising on his Harley.

What do you think? This is one beautiful, well-maintained car! 

You can find Ron and Diane cruising the Bay Area backroads. Join them at the next Nor-Cal event.