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Ron Vinsant's 69 Malibu

It seems that occasionally we get into a rut.  Sometimes it seems that we, (including myself) get into a Super Sport frenzy.  Sometimes it's all about a Malibu, but almost always a 2 door hardtop.  Sometimes it an El Camino.  Fat tires, stock tires, doesn't matter much.  They all have their own personality but when was the last time we showed you a car that really stands out?  In fact, when is the last time we did a featured car page on a 4 door hardtop?  Never. you might say?  well I, for one, can not remember one, and if you want to think of a car the way it looked in the family driveway when you were a kid, check out this one.  It belongs to Ron Vinsant.


Ron's 69 Malibu 4 door has a 350. Ron told us "I bought it from an estate sale for $100 in 1979. The car has been restored twice in it's life. It has been used for camping and bicycle trips and an occasional run to the grocery store.

Well the more you look at it, the more you could easily conclude that this beautiful, but sedate "grocery getter" is the picture of the American family dream car .....  But, you'd be wrong.

After getting a peak inside this "almost" original classic, Ron told us "The car had a 307 with a Turbo 350 when built at Kansas City, but that didn't last for long. It now has a Chevrolet ZZ4 engine with Fast Burn heads and a very HOT cam with FAST Fuel Injection. The suspension has been modified with a Global West Negative Roll package, The rear end is a bullet proof, Currie built, Ford 9 inch with a Detroit True Trac differential.  The Brakes are Wilwood Superlight 4 piston caliper units with 13" rotors in the front 12" rotors in the rear. 

"Here's the fun part" says Ron "I get to go to track and beat up on BMWs, Miata's, Porches and other race cars on the road courses".  He did admit, though, that he still goes camping and to the grocery store in the Malibu occasionally.

Ron's Malibu is a true sleeper.  It originally had a bench seat but he soon found it necessary to convert to buckets. Otherwise the interior is pretty much as the factory made it.

So, with that said, I suppose I must apologize to those of you who expected to see grandma's 4 door Malibu.  I have to tell you, though,  ZZ4 or not,  I take that beauty home with me any day of the week.

In any case, be careful to take it easy leaving the Safeway store.  You never know when Ron will be waiting for you at the exit.