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Scott Davis Makes the right choice

Back about twenty years ago, during the time when a young man's fancy turns to cars and beautiful women, Our young lad, Scott Davis, Went looking for an El Camino.  On Friday evening, before the GoodGuys show he heard about a '64 El Camino and he went to take a look, but at the time,  it was a '67 that turned his head so he went to the GoodGuys show on Saturday to buy one he had "scoped out".  Scott Chatted with the owner of the '67 who assured him that he had better make an offer because "the car would be sold today"  Scott was tempted, but there was something about that '64 that he just couldn't seem to let go of so he put the whole thing and hold and decided to take his chances.  He just had to take one more look at the '64.  After all, it had a factory 4 speed... but he just couldn't decide.

The next day he met with the wife of the owner of the '64.  He told her he liked the car but he really wanted a '67.  Well Scott got the surprise of his life. In the "stranger than fiction" category, she told him "My husband keeps telling me he wants to be buried with this car and I'm afraid he will do it.  I will make you a great deal if you just buy the car...RIGHT NOW!".  Well, our young lad was moved by the thought of an old man buried in a '64 El Camino.... Actually, I think it was the low price, but anyway, Scott purchased the car and now, twenty years later, he's almost done.

Scott wanted the El Camino to be as stock looking as possible, but with a flare of his own.  After all, twenty years is a long time to work on a car and this one is outstanding!  Check out the factory four speed, complete with the early Muncie lockout shifter.  The moment you open the door you say "WOW".  The attention to detail is outstanding and, Imagine, a factory 4 speed in a first generation El Camino.  What a find!

One of the first outings in a long time was the Chevelles on the Wharf outing in Santa Cruz, sponsored by Nor Cal ChevelleCaminos.  Believe me, there were lots of great cars, but the "arrest me red" paint job caught everyone's eye.  We all said to each other, "I think we have found our next Featured car".

Scott says that the car is not done.  He says he has lots to do.  We told him to "leave it alone"  Scott owns a company in Los Gatos that specializes in European cars but it is easy to see that he is a master at more than machines from Munich and Stuttgart.  Scott has been a member of Nor Cal ChevelleCaminos for a couple years now but has kept the '64 well hidden.  Well, now the secret is out.  We've checked her out thoroughly while on the Santa Cruz Wharf, looking for buried treasure and I guarantee that this El Camino is home free.