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NOR-CAL club member Willie Allen is into fast cars and allowing someone else the privilege of paying for it.

Willie says he bought his SS in 2002, and it needed lots of work and lots of BIG MONEY!

Where do you find BIG MONEY these days?
This is a numbers matching SS and Willie says he enjoys driving it often and getting the "thumbs up" from passers by.

How did Willie get someone else to pay for his car? The story begins at Hot August Nights in 2002, just after Willie made the purchase of his "very original" 1969 SS.
If you are not familiar with Hot August Nights, well, the week-long car show & cruise is located in Reno.

Fortunately for Willie, he is a master (at least for one day) at Black Jack, and the house was not.
His winnings paid for all the restoration parts and there was even enough to pay for a new crate 502 engine and all the extra "goodies".

Willie still has the matching numbers engine and the original bill sheet. You can find him cruising Bay Area Backroads and of course, at all Nor-Cal events.