Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos
Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is the purpose of the Nor-Cal ChevelleCamino Car Club?
    We want to promote the enjoyment and restoration of Chevelle series cars and to enjoy our hobby in a family-friendly, recreational setting with friends who share the same interests.

  • How often does Nor-Cal meet?
    Club meetings are held on a regular monthly basis but sometimes change to coincide with regional or national car events in which we choose to participate as a Club function. We normally meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Visit our Meeting Information Page for location and directions.

  • What else do we do besides cars?
    We are very family oriented and do many social things like trips to the wine country or to the coast. Visit our Events Page for information on upcoming club events.

  • Can I get advice and support for my Chevelle project?
    Absolutely!! We have a large knowledge base in everything from engines to complete "frame off" restorations. Remember, those of us who have restored cars often started with project cars. Our experience came from doing the job, sometimes twice!  We can provide the names of suppliers and vendors for just about anything you might need - and members often have "spare parts" for sale or trade.  

  • Do I have to have an award winning car to join?
    Absolutely not! You don't even need to own a Chevelle, just love 'em.  Cars in our club range from award winners to those in the earliest stages of restoration; show cars to daily drivers. Our only requirement is that you like to have fun with your Chevelle.  If you want to undertake restoration projects, we're happy to help you along the way, but if, how and when are all up to you.

  • How much does it cost?
    Membership is only $40.00 per year for a family membership. There is a one time initial application fee of $10.00. You will receive a monthly newsletter and also discounts on parts at Year One, OPG, Vic Hubbard Speed and others. Click the link below for more information about joining us and be sure to mention that you found us on the Web.

  • Do I have to attend every meeting and event to remain in good standing?
    Nope.  We realize that 'real life' often means lots of commitments and schedule conflicts.  We hope you'll attend as many meetings as possible because that's where a lot of information is shared and its a good opportunity to ask questions and get help.  Obviously, "the more, the merrier" rings true of our Club events and participation is really encouraged!  Events are often planned with families in mind and we've all shared some great times cruising together to places of interest!  We hope you'll join us!

  • Who can I call for more information?
    You can always contact us. See our Contact Information Page for addresses and phone numbers.

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